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Expert Advice On Essay Writing

Although the content of high school essay writing is not as difficult as it is in higher education, the organizational skills required to succeed in assignment writing is an aspect most high school students struggle with. However with this sound advice, you will never have to face attaining lower marks than you are capable of every again!


Adequately planning your high school essay lays the foundation for having an easy time writing your work. The plan is essential in bringing structure and flow to your writing. When you have the oversight to know what you will be talking about at certain points in your writing, you can add and place your writing in such a way that it all flows perfectly. The structure and flow of your writing is as important as the content.

To plan you need to write down all your ideas that you want to discuss about the question that is asked of you. Then you need to plan what you will be discussing in each paragraph of your writing. From there you will now have a guide to help you while you are composing your work. This will make it very easy for you to write your work.


There needs to be a good structure to your writing because, as we discussed previously, this is as big a priority as the actual content of your work. The structure of your essay should be as follows:

  • Introduction:
  • You should open your assignment with a paragraph that introduces your reader to the topic you will be discussing. Your teacher will be looking to see whether or not you have understood what you are required to write about. The paragraph should be concise and succinct; you should not start your main analysis here, but rather tell the reader what you will be doing.

  • Main Body:
  • This is where all of your important analysis will do. These paragraphs are the most vital in terms of your content so remember to give it your best effort in answering the question posed of you.

  • Conclusion:
  • This is a paragraph summarizing everything you have talked about. Remember to include your main talking points here.

Structuring your writing in this manner will make it easier on your teacher to read as well as mark your work.

Keeping on track

This is one thing many high school students struggle with and it’s keeping on track with answering the question that is asked of them. Many students are tempted by going off track and on a tangent regarding something not related to the question. This wastes valuable words from your word count, but it also does not gain you any marks. When you start a new point, think about how this will further your answer. Some students write very articulate assignments but are graded poorly due to going off topic frequently.


Don’t start your paper on the night before it is due. This will cause you to rush your work and ultimately produce a low quality assignment. You should give yourself ample of time to work on your paper and this will make it easier on you as you won’t need to spend sleepless night writing your assignment. It will also give you time to edit and draft your work.

If you follow the good advice as described on here then you will have a pleasant and easy experience writing your high school assignments. This advice applies to any assignments you receive during high school, and with this you can achieve a lot of success in your studies at school.