10 Compositional Satirical Essay Ideas


A satire is a form of humor that makes fun of someone or something through a kind of mockery that is commonly done in a subtle approach. This form of writing can take on diverse topics and generally makes use of ridicule mock or exaggeration to its target. At first, thinking of what subject to focus on might be a big burden but you can start your search anytime to somehow reduce the stress that goes with handling this writing assignment.

If you can’t find what topic to explore on, you can mull over the following good satirical essay topics listed below:

  1. What punishment should be imposed for those obsessed with social networking sites? Should they be bullied in their social media account?
  2. Obesity: Send excess fats to countries suffering from hunger. This is going to be beneficial to both sides.
  3. What should you do with couch potatoes? When you know a person who lives an idle life, how would you encourage him or her to live a productive life?
  4. Choose a teen movie which you think is an ideal opportunity for you to convey your viewpoint about contemporary teen culture
  5. Talk about the types of men women should avoid in a funny way
  6. Discuss sex education and the funny side of its effects especially to youngsters
  7. Talk about your local leader. Conduct a research about his or her political career and personality – the essay will appear like a great learning experience for your readers
  8. Discuss some family issues in a fun but enlightening way such as when dealing with household chores or who should make the decision when it comes to travels and vacation.
  9. Talk about a funny teacher who has a funny way of discussing lessons in his or her class due to strange voice and extraordinary habits.
  10. Talk about a famous celebrity who is controversial and expose what traits you can emulate

    It is a bit difficult to come up with funny satirical essay topics since you also need to be well-aware of what you will be covering in your paper. Needless to say, you wouldn’t want to go overboard and have your paper labeled as too exaggerated and a bit offensive.

You can explore more on the web to find more interesting and worth-discussing satirical essay ideas for your writing project.


Prior deciding which topic to cover for your satirical essay, it is vital to learn more about the requirements of such form of paper. The list of possible topics mentioned above is great options for you think through and tackle for your writing work.