A collection of great argumentative essay topics

The argumentative paper is one where you have ample room to explore both sides of an argument and play the devil’s advocate to your own stand. While there are several occasions on which there has been selection of people looking to make the most of the available topics, you should make a selection of topics to begin with. You may not be able to relate with some of the things that have been made out to be and you can always choose the side you are on.

What are argumentative papers?

Argumentative papers are ones where the writer makes an attempt at driving their point home through a range of arguments, mostly countering the arguments that have been made against the same. While there have been several topics that you may choose for the subject, it always helps if you get the most out of the subject in a little while.

Great argumentative essay topics

  • North America and South America: Which is the greater continent?
  • Will it be a smart move to legalize prostitution?
  • Is rape related to the lack of prostitution in the area?
  • Why is there little room for linguistic equality in large countries?
  • What should be a reasonable draft for restriction on use of guns?
  • What justifies the arguments of making guns easily available to White Americans?
  • What should be the right age to allow girls access to independent birth control without the permission of parents?
  • Outlawing addictive substances only creates a large black market for the same. Argue
  • Will it be wise to grant personhood to corporations?
  • What situations should allow women to have independent abortions?
  • What justifies oligarchy in nations like North Korea?
  • Why is democracy a better option that totalitarian regimes?
  • China and India: which is naturally a better investment destination and why?
  • How would you relate to the problem of drug abuse in UN monitored nations like Liberia?

Look for new topics

While the topics mentioned above are totally nifty, you should note that many are reading these, just like you. While you can always research on these, it is always a better idea to research new essay topics while you are at it. That gives you the required mileage to keep moving. Also, you have better chances of striking a great topic that way.