A Collection Of Fresh Editorial Essay Topic Ideas


An editorial written discourse refers to the type of article which presents the viewpoint of a group on a certain concern or issue. Due to this, it is commonly unsigned. Writers of this type of composition must come up with argument that is already made and strive harder to convince target audience to agree with them on a present steaming issue. In a nutshell, this is a viewpoint that also comes with a side of the current news. For a fact, there are a plethora of possible and very fascinating stories or topics to tackle.

When it comes to handling editorial essay, of course, you’ve got to choose the one that you think your target readers will be mostly hooked with.

Here are a few potential editorial essay topics that you can start your research with:

  1. Should universities be prevented from serving junk food?
  2. Should any person who prefers to apply for asylum as a refugee be permitted to enter a specific country of his or her choice?
  3. Should male and female students be permitted to play in the same sporting teams?
  4. Should teenagers be allowed to download sexually-abusive contents on the web?
  5. Should professors be permitted to undergo training all through their academic teaching career?
  6. Should universities be permitted to offer sex-related or birth-control advice to students?
  7. Should same-sex marriage be allowed to religious nations?
  8. Is it fine for people to keep or take care of dangerous dogs?
  9. Should minors be allowed to drive on expressways?
  10. Should death penalty be abolished and replaced by reclusion perpetua?

To get started, discover more on how to write an editorial essay and see some samples so you can take them as a guide while you are finishing the project. The whole process will not be as burdening as you imagine if you have reliable and appropriate guide to adhere to.


Working on an editorial written discourse does not have to be very time-consuming and exhausting- in point of fact, if you have the right sources and correct editorial paper guides, you have nothing to worry about. Check out the list of possible topics mentioned above to reduce the stress that go with essay writing.