The Secrets Of Completing An IELTS Essay Perfectly


It is crucial to construct the perfect answer and obtain the highest IELTS band score feasible. In addition, it is a must to write fast but stay relaxed so you can concentrate on writing your answer. It is essential to demonstrate that you possess a broad knowledge of English vocabulary in all components of the IELTS exam and make sure that you write with accurate spelling and refrain from committing grammar errors.

Do you wish to unveil the secrets in IELTS essay writing? Then, you must keep reading:

The types of essay questions are generally asking about some general aspects in our society. More than that, the subject could be something that has something to do with environment, health, the youth, education, gender roles and many more. Hence, you cannot master a stunning statement which you can just simply insert into the paper for this is very unlikely that you shall be able to utilize it in your specific query which you have on the day for the exam.

Here are some points you need to consider when dealing with your IELTS essay:

  • Make sure that you repeat the question using your own words in the introduction of your written discourse. Note that this does not necessarily imply copying the question as is. Use synonyms or different terms that convey the same thing when saying the question again.
  • Give your point of view. As soon as you have already restated the question, it is high time to give your viewpoint on the topic. In so doing, this shall give the examiner a clear overview of what is to come in your paper.
  • Make sure to fully support your viewpoint. You can start this paragraph with phrases such as: I am convinced that.., Personally, I believe that.., From my perspective…, In my opinion.., From my point of view.., or In my view...
  • It is substantial to provide the other side of the argument. It is fundamental for you to look at the question from the opposing point of view to yours in the next paragraph. Essentially, this shall demonstrate to the examiner that you have balance in your composition and this is an indication of an effective written discourse.
  • Lastly, end your essay by recapping the entire argument as a denouement. Here, it is necessary to give your perspective again which has been mentioned in the introduction. For you to prove that you possess good command in English vocabulary, you may consider using synonyms and not solely copy the previous statement.

From there, you can include your expanded arguments into your viewpoint. It is worth mentioning that a conclusion that assesses the arguments already stated is definitely a great opportunity to use a conditional statement.

On the other hand, be reminded that writing definitely calls for a wide academic vocabulary. So, students should try all the best methods to improve their vocabulary skills and start by buying a dictionary so you can start learning, memorizing and understanding the definitions of various terms. It is really a big help to learn more English terms that you can use not only in speaking but also when writing.

It is highly advised for students who will take IELTS essay exam to carefully go over the mentioned techniques to a perfect IELTS written discourse. Practice writing various IELTS essay topics so you can get used to handling this type of essay. This way, you will feel more focused and relaxed in the actual essay exam without the jitters.


IELTS essay writing is something that you need not fear of. In truth, it is not as difficult as you imagine it. You can implement the techniques mentioned above and see for yourself how effective these are in helping you come up with an outstanding paper.